What is Entrypoint?

Entrypoint is bringing immersive video to the masses, starting with 360. We are a mobile-focused, social-sharing optimized 360 video player. Our goal is to get creators the views they need to understand what videos are most compelling in 360 and get viewers as excited about the possibility of new video mediums as we are.  


What isn’t Entrypoint?

We are not an app—iPhone screens are already too crowded. We are not a production house— you create a story and we help you get seen. We are not a destination— we enable content creators distribute their content using whatever platform they prefer (social/own website, etc…).


Is 360 video a thing?

There have been a few studies demonstrating that engagement in 360 video is already higher than in traditional media formats. Major content providers are continuing to invest accordingly. Many of these early forays are experiments, and there is a lot of opportunity to partner with us to make content that makes full use of 360. We don’t need to wait for people to buy VR headsets -- they can experience 360 with the phones they already have. 

I am using Another video player. Why would I use Entrypoint?

Entrypoint is the only mobile focused 360 video company -- we build our player for mobile devices first -- & one of the only players that supports cross-platform functionality as a core feature. We multiply the reach of your 360 video content by giving users a seamless experience they can access on the tech they already have & share easily with their friends.

What devices does your player support?

Our videos provide the best experience on any smartphone from the last two years. Older devices also work but performance will degrade. We support all modern desktop browsers.

Where can I distribute videos I UPLOAD ON YOUR PLAYER?

Videos on our player are web native. They can be embedded in any app that supports iframes (anywhere you can currently embed a youtube video). This includes your personal website/Facebook/Twitter.

Which 360 cameras and video formats do you support?

We support most commercially available 360 cameras producing equirectangular videos. We plan to support cubemap and other custom video formats in the future.

How can I work with Entrypoint?

You pick an upcoming 360 experience you want to go viral and distribute it using our player on any of your preferred channels. Together, we game plan the kinds of interactivity & branded assets you want and co-develop new engaging video elements.